Dusters Buying Guide


There are different types of dusters, from cobweb dusters, feather dusters to microfibre. 

  • The cobweb duster is suitable for getting rid of dust, dirt and cobwebs because it has special bristles which aid in the collection process and generally the cobweb duster has a long handle so it can reach into high corners, or along the tops of shelves and doors.
  • Feather dusters are very popular and the ends are made out of feathers whether genuine feathers or artificial. These us static electricity and work well on most surfaces. 
  • Counter dusters look like brushes and have a handle with bristles which is normally made out of artificial fibres, horsehair or Tampico. These are perfect for counters, shelves, cupboards and table-tops because the bristles are strong and durable so able to cope with even the finest dust. 
  • Hand dusters normally made out of microfiber, these are ideal for small areas, corners, crevices and cracks. They can be dampened and are excellent for polishing furniture with a furniture polish for example.
  • Floor dusters are excellent for sweeping up debris, dust and dirt and come with different handle attachments. It’s important to think about the dusting mechanism because different materials are used for different things.  The material is usually made out of cotton because it can be cleaned up easily.
  • Radiator dusters are useful for getting behind and into radiators where there is notoriously plenty of dust and debris build up.

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