Multi Decks Buying Guide

Multi Decks

Multi Deck fridges are used for many retail food businesses as they give customers easy access to products including chilled food and drinks without an inconvenient door to open and close.  There are plenty of sizes to choose from to cope with your requirements.  If you are looking for impulse sales then small Multi Decks are ideal, often seen in cafes, coffee shops and convenience stores they are excellent positioned where customers queue up to pay for items. Choose a large Multi Deck if you have an extensive range, these are suitable for supermarkets and convenience stores for example.  Additionally, wine, beer and soft drinks are perfectly placed in large Multi Decks as they keep them at a suitably chilled temperature ready for customers to purchase and consume.

Points to Remember:

  • Multi Decks with night blinds/security shutters give added security.
  • Adjustable shelving is convenient for changing displays.

For further information on Multi Decks visit the Refrigeration pages in the Catering Appliances section or contact the Alliance customer care team

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