Ice Machines Buying Guide

Ice Machines

Ice is important for restaurants and commercial kitchens and there are plenty of options.  Choose from modular ice machines which are designed to sit on top of an ice machine bin and produce very large output.  There are also under-counter ice machines, ideal for small cafes, bars and restaurants that don’t use huge amounts of ice.  They snuggly fit under most counters and produce a good output of ice per day.  Finally, there are countertop ice makers which are small but ideal if your output is minimal.  Additionally, there are different compressor types to consider such as air cooled which is very cost effective and energy efficient, water cooled which is good for areas with poor circulation or limited space and finally remote cooled where the condenser is mounted outside making this a quieter option but it is more costly to install.

Points to Remember:

  • Think about your ice capacity and requirements.
  • Consider the time of year, in the summer ice will need to be readily available so when making your purchase think ahead!
  • Consider the space in your kitchen to make sure you have room for the machine, bin and filter plus you need sufficient flow of air for maximum production.
  • You need a cold water supply, floor drain and a water shut-off valve to install an ice machine.
  • Think about the ice you want to produce; cube ice, nugget ice and flake ice to make sure your chosen machine delivers what you need. Ice crushers are also available to purchase.
helving is convenient for changing displays.

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