Freezer Cabinets Buying Guide

Freezer Cabinet

Every commercial kitchen needs high quality freezer appliances in order to keep your meat, fish, poultry and other products safely stored long-term until needed.  It is important to choose a unit that is big enough to store as much as you need but obviously it must fit in your designated space.  Additionally, it should be efficient and able to cope with extreme temperature.  Freezer cabinets are upright and are convenient and easy to access as they generally have shelves or drawers.  As they are upright they are an economic way of using up space because they use higher areas.  Available in a variety of configurations, you will find single door, double door, glass and solid door options on the Alliance website.

Points to Remember:

  • Look for energy efficiency.
  • Look for low maintenance appliances which are easy to clean.
  • Look for adjustable shelving.
  • Look for door locks.
  • Look for LED lights inside.

For further information visit the refrigeration pages in the Catering Appliances section or contact the Alliance customer care team

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