Fast Food Microwaves Buying Guide

Fast Food Microwaves

One of the key pieces of equipment required for a fast food restaurant is a microwave.  These appliances help dramatically with speed and efficiency especially when your establishment is dedicated to providing tasty meals in minutes.  They are also excellent for minimising wastage and maximising food hygiene.  A commercial microwave differs greatly to a domestic version which only offers up to 1000 watt cooking. A commercial microwave offers up to 2025 watt cooking so it is important that you purchase the right type of microwave for your business, one which is designed to withstand constant use, is strong, reliable and durable and built to last for many years. 

There are three types of commercial models to choose from, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty and commercial microwaves are constructed out of very strong materials to withstand the everyday constant use.  There are a number of different microwave choices available on the Alliance website, ranging from 1000 watts to 2025 watts and some come with an additional combi-oven extra feature.

Light Duty Microwaves

These are designed with a power range up to 1100 watts and are usually used in small restaurants, cafes or retail outlets essentially to reheat food or defrost food.

Medium Duty Microwaves

These are designed with a power range up to 1500 watts and are good products for pubs, cafes, restaurants and catering kitchens or for those who use a microwave often but not all the time.

Heavy Duty Microwaves

These commercial microwaves are designed with a power range up to 2000 watts and are essentially for very busy commercial kitchens, hotels, large catering facilities etc. where it is important to deliver good quality, hot food fast.

Points to Remember:

  • Commercial microwaves cook food exceptionally quickly and in a fast food environment this can make a difference between whether your business succeeds or not.
  • They are also adept at defrosting frozen foods quickly and safely so frozen items can be defrosted as and when they are ordered therefore saving on wastage.
  • Commercial microwaves are small enough to sit on countertop or be placed on a shelf so if space is limited it will still work well for your kitchen.
  • Commercial microwaves are very affordable.

For further information on Fast Food Microwaves visit the Fast Food Equipment pages in the Catering Appliances section or contact the Alliance customer care team

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