Insect Control Buying Guide

Insect Control

All food related businesses should have good quality and effective insect control in place, whether a large hotel kitchen or a small fast food establishment, hygiene is still vital to the success of your business.   You are best advised to install a machine which zaps flies, wasps and other bugs which might enter your restaurant.  Pesticides and repellents contain chemicals which while excellent for killing pests, can be harmful to humans and contaminate food.  Most chemical pesticides are banned in food businesses due to contamination issues.  Here’s an easy guide to help you to prevent pests entering your kitchen or restaurant:

  • Keep everything meticulously clean which means cleaning up dropped food and spillages immediately. Clean and mop floors regularly and wipe down countertops and tables, especially after customers have used them.
  • Throw out rubbish very regularly and keep a good lid on the bins so that food waste is kept hidden from unwanted visitors. It is advisable to wash out your dustbins on a daily basis.
  • Keep doors and windows shut and on hot days, use air conditioning. Cover vents and other points of entry with screens to avoid unwanted pests inside.
  • Check your supplies regularly for insects and get rid of anything if you have even the smallest doubt.
  • Install a good quality insect repelling machine which zaps flies, wasps and other insects. There are various sizes available at different wattages too, from 16 watts to 30 watts.  They are constructed using a UV light which attracts the unwanted pest.  The pest is then electrocuted once it reaches the light.  These insect killers are ideal for small spaces too as there are options available for wall mounting and ceiling mounting.

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