Falcon Range Buying Guide

Falcon Range

The Falcon range is specially designed for fast cooking in a small environment.  It consists of high quality premium products including countertop gas griddles, gas chargrills, boiling tops, fryers and freestanding ovens. 

Falcon Boiling Tops

Boiling tops are controlled by gas and give you plenty of benefits because they allow controllable heat, multiple pot cooking and they generate a very intense, instant heat which allows you to simmer or rolling boil with precise power control.  However, there are some disadvantages to boiling tops, they limit you to one pot per burner and the energy efficiency is low.  Choosing a Falcon boiling top should be down to your capacity needs.  If you don’t boil or cook many dishes using boiling methods then a 2 burner will be suitable for your needs but if you need something slightly larger then a 4 burner gas boiling top will suffice.  Of course, if you rely on lots of pots at once then you will need to look at other options altogether.

Falcon Gas Griddles

For those who provide limited griddle items a small countertop gas griddle will be a welcome addition to your fast food kitchen area.  Providing flexibility, versatility and performance it gives you good use of your kitchen space with excellent quality results.  Easy to clean with removable drawers the Falcon offers even heat distribution and low level burner settings.  The Falcon Gas Griddle comes in variable width sizes so you can choose something suitable which will cope well with your capacity requirements.

Falcon Gas Chargrill

To make quick, easy and delicious tasting chargrilled food the Falcon Gas Chargrill works well in small environments and for those of you offering a limited chargrill menu.  Offering efficient temperature control using heat settings, the appliance is heated up using gas burners and comes with a stainless steel exterior and removable fat drawers so they are very easy to clean.  The fat drawer collects grease and fat as food is cooking but the Falcon won’t dry out meat during the grilling process.  Additionally, the Falcon comes in varying sizes so you can purchase something which works well with your menu offering.  If space is very tight, the Falcon is wall mountable too.

Falcon Gas Fryers

The safe way to deep-fry food is using a Falcon gas fryer.  These types of fryers are free standing but there are many space saving options, from single pan, single basket gas fryers to twin pan, twin basket gas fryers.  These gas fryers are designed to give you quick recovery time and they are very easy to maintain and clean.  The cool zone is especially useful and comes with a lift-out strainer which stops food waste building up therefore extending the life of the oil and guaranteeing superior frying performance. 

Falcon Gas Open Top Range Oven

If you want a freestanding oven the Falcon Gas Open Top Oven range is an excellent choice and has options even for the smallest of fast food kitchens.  The hob is open top with removable drip trays so after use and once cooled, it is easy to clean.  There are various options, the 4 burner gas oven gives you four rings on top for boiling and two shelf cooking whereas the solid top gas range oven has a solid top hob and works with Piezo ignition.  It also boasts removable drip trays and two shelf cooking.   Despite the Falcon gas open top range oven being smaller than conventional ovens, it in no way compromises on cooking quality and gives premium performance with a temperature ranging up to 270 Deg C plus adjustable legs for your convenience and easy access to the oven chamber for cleaning purposes.

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