Coffee Machines and Water Boilers Buying Guide

Coffee Machines and Water Boilers

Fast food establishments, cafes and restaurants all need coffee machines  and water boilers and when speed is of the essence it is important to select a high quality, high performing machine which delivers the perfect hot drink in minutes.

Coffee Machines

Obviously, if you run a coffee shop, your coffee machine is the main appliance for your business so purchasing the right product is paramount to your success. Depending on the size of your fast food business or time of day you are open will determine what type of coffee machine you need.  For example, if you are a breakfast business then you would be best suited to a machine which can deliver multiple cups of coffee at once, so two full brews can run at the same time.  Think about how many cups per hour you need, a twin machine can provide up to 377 cups of coffee per hour. 

Many coffee machines have separate water and coffee taps which is a useful feature to look out for. You should also consider the amount of space you have for a good quality coffee machine, there are a number of premium products which have excellent levels of output but are slim enough to fit on a countertop without taking up too much space. 

Remember, traditional coffee machines are the best choice for a coffee shop or fast food establishment, the more coffee you serve, the more heads you need.  Additionally, your coffee machine will need daily maintenance and cleaning plus to increase the longevity of your piece of equipment it is a good idea to have it serviced at least once a year so you can continue to offer a great tasting cup of coffee.

Finally, don’t forget to purchase your filter papers to work with your coffee machine of choice.

Water Boilers

These machines are imperative for cafes and fast food establishments (as well as other catering businesses) serving hot drinks. The most popular water boilers are auto-fill countertop boilers with different capacity to suit your requirements.  They keep water at the right temperature for hours on end so you can swiftly serve customers looking for tea, coffee and other hot beverages.  Choose from products from 5 litres to 10 litres, countertop models or if you have extremely high output there are under-counter models which can provide 24 litres of hot water per hour.  Other things you should take into account include digital temperature display and easy to clean out tanks.  It is important to clean out your water boilers very regularly and to descale them as limescale does build up which affects the quality of hot drinks on offer.

Points to Remember:

  • Look for inbuilt water filters which help if your business is in a hard water area, these filters will keep your boiler working well for longer and make a far tastier drink.
  • Look for eco functions for improved energy efficiency.
  • Push button boilers are a good idea if you have a self-service area.
  • Twin tap water boilers are useful for very busy fast food establishments.

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