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Buffet Equipment

Refrigerated displays refer to the cabinets or toppers which keep chilled food at the correct temperature.  There are plenty of options too, from display cases to toppers and salad bars.  Some of these displays are perfect for cafes and food shops whereas others are best suited for buffets and restaurants.

Refrigerated Cabinets and Displays

For the ultimate displays choose refrigerated cabinets, designed to merchandise chilled food and drinks attractively as well as keep all your products at the right temperature and protected with hygienic easy-to-operate doors or lidded mechanisms.  These cabinets are used for chilled goods such as sandwiches, cold drinks, quiches, baked goods, salads etc.  There is plenty to take into consideration when choosing your refrigerated display, here are some pointers to help you make your decision:

Points to Remember:

  • Think about the space you have for display purposes and whether the capacity of the display you want will meet your needs.
  • Refrigerated displays generally range between 1m to 4m in width but there are smaller options available and for those who want larger models there are extra-deep displays.
  • Extra-deep displays are useful if you have the space as they maximise on storage and also double up as an extra worktop too.
  • Refrigerated displays generally have a temperature range from 2 Deg C to 6 Deg C.
  • If you are looking for ambient displays these are suited for keeping products neatly stored at room temperature.
  • If you are displaying raw meat or fish you need a refrigerated display with a temperature range of 0 Deg C to -2 Deg C to keep these products fresh and free from bacteria.
  • Think about the type of display you want, if you want your customer to stand in front of the display and make their choice, then a standard refrigerated display will be ideal, these give you plenty of room inside to display your products well and make features of your bestsellers or special offers.
  • If customers are seated then you might want floor standing tall units which come with shelves – these are ideal for cold drinks, sandwiches, salads, sushi etc.
  • Glass counters serve a purpose – to display merchandise to its maximum potential and generally you will be able to choose from flat glass or curved glass panels.
  • If you want to clearly display products to their maximum potential choose displays with internal lighting.
  • If you want to encourage your customers to make their own selections choose self-service display cabinets.

Refrigerated Salad Bars

To keep your freshly prepared salads at a good temperature choose a large enough unit with a temperature selection.  It might be a wise idea to choose something which has an ambient temperature option too so you can use it for other things.  Fluorescent lighting will help your salad displays look attractive too and look for a sneeze screen to keep your food free from unwanted germs.  The best material to look for is stainless steel because it is sturdy and long lasting as well as easy to maintain and keep clean.

Refrigerated Toppers

Not for use in cafes or food retailers, these toppers are designed for buffets in restaurants or bars.  They are especially to keep food or drinks at the right chilled temperature when on display for a long time but are open so customers can easily make their selection.  Look for stainless steel which is easy to maintain and designed to be long-lasting and strong.  Sneeze screens are available too, to protect food from unwanted bacteria.  There are other options such as products with all round wall screens constructed out of toughened glass and refrigerated toppers with gantry over shelf so you can select the right displays for your business.

Points to Remember:

  • Sneeze screens are excellent for protecting food from germs.
  • Stainless steel is durable and long-lasting as well as being easy to maintain.
  • Fluorescent illumination helps to attractively display products.

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