Bar Refrigeration Buying Guide

Bar Refrigeration

Bars and pubs need plenty of high quality refrigeration equipment to keep bottles perfectly chilled and ready for consumer consumption.  From top-loading bottle coolers to glass fronted refrigeration appliances, sliding doors to hinge doors and compact size (under-counter) small refrigerators designed to give you extra storage space or for areas with limited space.  If you are looking for refrigeration to show off your product range, choose one with glass doors but this must obviously be kept neat and tidy at all times!  Stainless steel is hardwearing and long-lasting so a refrigerator in this finish will give you years of good use.

Points to Remember:

  • Adjustable shelving so you can easily change your displays according to bottle size.
  • Glass doors so you can maximise on an attractive product merchandising display.
  • Think about capacity front of bar and back of bar.
  • Check where the compressor is located as it is important not to cover it.
  • Purchase bar refrigeration with thermal doors or with triple pane glass so cold air stays locked inside.
  • Triple pane doors are very durable and resistant to breakage.

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