With summer well under way the hospitality sector turns its attention to the beginning of September and whilst for some this signals back to school, for restaurants, hotels and alike it heralds the return of banqueting. The last two years have found the industry hampered by Covid-19 and the restrictions imposed as a result of it meaning this is the first time since 2019 that autumn dining will be conducted under normal circumstances.

As such, Alliance Online are looking at the latest dining trend of 2022 so you can get your restaurant, hotel or establishment kitted out in readiness for the return of banqueting.

1. Classic and Simple

With customers not being able to experience the joys and atmosphere of proper dining out until this year, offering a simple and classic look is in. Gimmicks and trends are all great but sometimes people just want to sit down at a table with a pleasant tabletop setting, classic cutlery with simple, yet elegant crockery and glassware. So, how do you achieve this look?

Where banqueting is concerned, the easiest way to create a simple look is to keep it simple, less is sometimes more. Opt for all white crockery. A clean white range is quintessential for achieving a fine dining look for the autumn eating out season. Willow, Isla, Alchemy Ambience and Perimeter are all great options and will help create the correct visual. All offer a symmetrical aesthetic with Willow, Isla and Perimeter offering a slightly textured finish creating a subtle nuance from the norm.

Regarding glassware, again choose simple shapes with a delicate nature. Thin stems add a touch of intricate elegance to a tabletop landscape. There is an opinion that a thinner wine glass makes wine taste better, but this claim does not have any scientific backing. There is however, a reason why wine may appear to taste better, that being the thinner rim of the glass allows for a smooth transition from glass to mouth. This ease and comfort whilst drinking improves the drinking experience of customers allowing them to enjoy dining as a whole. For glasses we’d recommend the following ranges: Divine, La Divina, Purismo or Nude Refine.

For cutlery, you can either opt to continue using your current range for crockery to include your flatware like Isla cutlery or go for something complimentary. When looking for classic ranges then sleek design, minimal detailing and not too extreme in weight (not to heavy or small) is what you should look for. As far as material is concerned, we would always recommend businesses opt for 18/10 stainless steel options were possible due to their hardwearing nature. Lines such as Linear, Balmoral and Stemme are all great for creating a classic dining feel.

Finally, there is the tabletop accents such as tablecloths, napkins, runners, candles, condiment sets and other such items. We would advise that when looking to execute a classic visual white is the way to go. White napkins and tablecloth make place settings look clean and fresh whilst simple condiment sets and candles are present enough to be noticed but do not detract from your food once served.

2. Subtle Rustic Tones

Taking the classic white visual and modifying it slightly, a trend which is also making waves across modern gastropubs is the addition of subtle colours to your tabletop. Adding colour to your diners experience can be a great way to enhance meals and improve their presentation. We would suggest if thinking of incorporating a new tone to your table colour palate, try adding it to your crockery offering.

Crockery with colour can be great for picking up tones in the food you serve and can also act as a talking point for customers. It also makes you stand out lending itself to social media and can become almost a digital calling card when sharing pictures of your menu with online users recognising your food by the crockery it is served on.

A great place to start with subtle colours is to either opt for calming shades such as light blues or greens. Rustic copper and earthy tones are also great for adding to an otherwise monochromatic setting. Two great options are GenWare’s Terra Matt Grey, Rustic Copper or Seafoam. Another great option is the Robert Gordon Pier range from Steelite. One final range for subtle tones is the Duck Egg Blue colourway of Stonecast by Churchill.

3. Craving more colour?


If you are reading this trends forecasts and feeling it’s all a bit safe and drab, then do not worry. Colour is still a thriving trend in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. When it comes to utilising colour for 2022 there is two options, either go for subtly like we have already suggested or if you are wanting to use bolder tones, then go big or go home.

Bold colours are great when used correctly, they can breathe life into otherwise bland looking dishes and décor. If you serve meals which include mash potatoes, white fish or include cream sauces then a prominent pop of colour can be a brilliant for elevating a dish and making it seem more enticing. Strong blues, hot reds and spicy oranges all work well. GenWare’s Terra range and Churchill’s Stonecast selection both offer brilliant bold colours which are toned well so are not too garish.

Another colour which gained popularity in 2020 and still continues to be fashionable is pink. Now before you start imagining a barbie-esque plate in your restaurant we mean pastel pinks. These tones are great for adding a bright colour to your theme without it packing too much of a punch. GenWare’s Terra Rose is a perfect example of a pink shade which adds colour without going too far.

For cafes or restaurants that serve coffees or brews GenWare also offer a vibrant beverageware selection. Their Royal GenWare range includes bowl shaped cappuccino cups, mugs, and matching saucers. The finishers are excellent, and they are made for commercial use.

4. Monochromatic Moods

Finally, we come to our final trend for 2022 banqueting, monochromatic moods. Black and white is a classic nouveau trend which has become big over the course of the last few decades. With black shades now being a sign of alternative fine-dining and eloquence and the white being a classic contrast will mean monochrome will always be in.

Black is great for dishes which white meat and bold colours as they allow them to pop. The visual contrast of white and black crockery can be stark but that’s what makes the trend work. It also does not need to be limited to crockery, black cutlery can be great for adding a touch of depth to a table setting, along with black tabletop items like condiment sets, caddies and tealights.

We would suggest trying to avoid too much black however as you will risk going from chic alt-classic to more of a gothic vibe if it is introduced too heavily. One thing we would suggest you avoid is black glassware. They can be great for cocktails in a bar if your theme allows a touch of darkness but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend using them for serving drinks to guest who are sitting and eating.

There are many other trends which can be used to enhance your restaurants banqueting aesthetics this year but the above are some of the more popular and prominent trends of 2022. Here at Alliance Online we use our vast experience serving the hospitality and restaurant industries to suggest innovations and product lines which can help your business meet your customers’ needs. For more options from our crockery, cutlery, tabletop, glassware and other such ranges just visit our shop.

Crockery Trends Ahead of Banqueting Season
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Crockery Trends Ahead of Banqueting Season
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