In this article we will be looking at the Lincat CiBO and CiBO+ product ranges. As the summer is well and truly underway, we look towards ways in which commercial establishments can best utilise ovens and efficiency in the kitchen. The increased demand means that companies have to find ways in which they can improve their service times as well as not compromising on the quality of the food. Not only is efficiency crucial but also space in a commercial kitchen is important to note, compactness is something that is imperative in a kitchen nowadays.

CiBO Range

The CiBO range features high quality ovens that provides excellent versatility. Able to produce a wide range of perfectly cooked food, the CiBO range operates from a 13-amp plug and is completely ventless. One of the main benefits with the CiBO range is the fact that the easy-to-use touchscreen interface can be used by almost any kitchen staff. This level of ease is currently rare on the market and really makes the CiBO range standout amongst the crowd of counter-top ovens. Not only does it provide exquisite qualities practically the CiBO range comes in an assortment of different colours that provides a colour scheme that matches any commercial kitchen aesthetic. Consistency in cooking is a necessity for an oven to have as this provides a basis for a restaurant to build a rapport with a customer as they will be more trusting of an establishment that they know will provide excellent food. Needless to say the CiBO counter-top oven is remarkably consistent in terms of cooking, toasting and reheating, cementing this range as a market leader that is an essential for any commercial kitchen.

CiBO+ Range

Recently launched, the new range from Lincat is guaranteed to push the expectations and standards of quality in the kitchen. The CiBO+ range was born out of the potential issues that restauranteurs were facing with the CiBO counter-top ovens in terms of not being able to efficiently deal with frozen foods or dense products, whilst the original CiBO range was made to deal with cooking thinner products such as pizzas or sandwiches the new CiBO+ range is the future of microwaving technology. The sheer amount of features that Lincat have packed into the CiBO+ oven is astounding, the technological advancements that have been made to make the cooking process easier is a testament to the quality of the product. From the redesigned QPad touchscreen that has 40 on-screen menu items to the touch and change system where a restaurant can change the names of the meals to better match the establishments own menu, anyone can utilise the touchscreen menu saving time and producing higher quality cooking in the meantime. An example of why the CiBO+ oven is the future of the sector can be seen in how Lincat wants people to use the oven, Helen Applewhite (group marketing manager at Lincat) has claimed that “the CiBO+ is designed to be used in both traditional and non-traditional spaces” this is important to note that Lincat have identified that restaurants ran from home have seen a tremendous boost since lockdown and companies are now designing commercial ovens that can be used in non-traditional settings.

Why Are The Ranges Essential For A Commercial Kitchen?

It goes without saying that both ranges possess the adequate qualities that make them market leaders in the oven sector. The CiBO oven features 6 standard pre-set programmes that provides users with a platform for tailoring to the menu requirements. This level of ease offers a versatility and creativity that is necessary for the modern kitchen. As mentioned previously, the innovative oven delivers consistent service and quality that is almost unparalleled in the market. The CiBO oven from Lincat is truly the ultimate option for any commercial kitchen that specialises in cooking thinner foods like pizzas or sandwiches. Here at Alliance Online we stock the CiBO oven range and would highly recommend the range to any commercial restaurant.

What more needs to be said about the CiBO+ oven, it is a game-changing high-speed oven that offers an improvement in a vast range of areas in comparison with a standard oven. The CiBO+ is the ideal modern oven that is accessible and easy-to-use. With an interface that crosses language barriers and even faster cooking times, the CiBO+ is an excellent design that is ensured to deliver the best results possible. To add to the long list of benefits of the CiBO+ oven it is a very energy economical option that will save energy costs. Please peruse the CiBO+ range on the Alliance Online website where you will be able to find out more about this one-of-a-kind oven range.

At Alliance Online, we understand the difficulties and apprehensions that hotels face when it comes to changing hotel guest supplies. Over the last 23 years that we at Alliance Online have been selling and stocking high-speed ovens it is with confidence that we can claim that the Lincat CiBO and CiBO+ ranges are some of the finest products currently on the market.

Product Spotlight: CiBO and CiBO+
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Product Spotlight: CiBO and CiBO+
The next step in high-speed ovens, the Lincat CiBO and CiBO+ ranges provide endless benefits and advantages to a commercial kitchen. This article will be highlighting and examining what makes these ranges so popular for operations.
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