Cleaning can be a laborious enough task on a domestic scale, imagine multiplying this over a building like a hotel. Large commercial buildings, especially those in the hospitality industry need to exude cleanliness in fear of losing custom and gaining a reputation for being dirty. As such, hotels, restaurants, bars and other such establishments must ensure they are well maintained and visually clean.

Most places employ a cleaning routine of which hoovering plays a large part, especially in multi-room venues which can ask challenging questions of cleaners and their mode of operating.

We all know the scene. The cleaning trolley heaped full of rags, sprays, mops and other such tools of sanitisation with a cleaner bobbing back and forth from room to room occasionally stopping at the cart to substitute products. Add into this scene a hoover with its cord trailing from the nearest socket, sometimes in the room itself or the hallway. This presents two issues:

  1. The tedious and timely exercise of plugging and unplugging the hoover and dragging the cord between each room.
  2. The very real trip hazard it presents when in use.

Enter the cordless range from Numatic featuring two Henry vacuums and their backpack vacuum too. The range benefits from being powered by Numatic’s NX300 lithium ion battery. The battery works for all products within the range making it much more convenient when compared to other cordless ranges which have separate power sources for different products. It benefits from a one-hour fast charge function whereby it will charge to 80% life in just one hour meaning you can quickly be up and running again following depletion of the charge.

The battery is also heavy duty having been designed for commercial use delivering over 2,500 charge cycles, whilst also having an in-built battery status and health check safety system. The thirty-cell design ensures the battery delivers 60% more available power whilst in operation. It also boasts an easy-reach handle for carrying and removing from whichever product it is being used with along with a quick release button for easy removal.

At Alliance we offer the following products which use the NX300 battery:

All three offer a powerful cleaning solution which works seamlessly with the NX300 battery system and due to the lack of cord a safer and more mobile option. All three come with a range of head attachments designed for a variety of jobs including a broad head, nozzle and fabric cleaning option.

The machines also do not require PAT testing due to their cordless nature and also produce less noise levels when compared with corded counterparts.

Hoovering with this range makes the jobs of your cleaning staff much easier and efficient due to the increased mobility that comes with a cordless vacuum. Cleaners can simply go from room to room without the need to pause or halt their hoovering for unplugging and moving the cable.

At Alliance Online we appreciate the needs of our customers and their employees. This range of cordless vacuums covers those requirements and aids in improving the task efficiency of those individuals. We have a broad and comprehensive range of cleaning equipment from janitorial equipment to hotel and leisure industry cleaning products, all sourced from top suppliers.

Easy and efficient cleaning with the Numatic cordless range
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Easy and efficient cleaning with the Numatic cordless range
Make the task fo hoovering much easier and simpler with the cordless range of vacuums from Numatic. Choose from two Henry's and a vacuum backpack which are all charged by the same powerful lithium ion battery (NX300).
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Alliance Online
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