Cleaning is a laborious task at the best of times and for the hospitality and public sectors it is one that must be completed on a regular basis to a set industry standard. This is further compounded by the fact that customers demand the highest levels of cleanliness which they need to be able to see with their own eyes. Enter Diversey’s SmartDose system, an easy and straight forward range of concentrates which makes cleaning simpler and smarter.

The Bottle

SmartDose bottles have been designed to make the mixing of concentrates simple and time efficient. The bright yellow head has two dosage levels available which are clearly marked allowing for concise mixing of solutions with information as to what each dose should be mixed with available on the bottle. The process of using the pump action on the bottle is simple: select the dosage required by twisting the top to the relevant symbol, pull the top up, push it down and then add water. Please note that the action of pushing down the top once it has been pulled up will dispense a shot of the concentrate so ensure the nozzle is positioned over the container you wish to make the solution up in.

Its design is easy to use and transport around large sites as cleaners will not need to carry large 5L bottles of cleaning fluid but rather a smaller 1.4L concentrated chemical. Equally, the reduction in bottle size means a reduction in plastic waste for your company.

The Range

The range includes a variety of cleaning solutions which have different purposes and operate with separate additional Diversey ranges. If you use the Taski cleaning system then SmartDose has a range which fits with it, likewise the Suma range also has SmartDose options available as well as Oxivir.

For eco-options there are the Pur-Eco and SURE ranges, both of which can help your business reach its green goals.

The various options all provide commercial cleaning solutions for the following areas and more:

  • Bathroom / Washroom
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Antibacterial Cleaner
  • Disinfectant Cleaner

Environmental Responsibility

SmartDose users can benefit from its sustainability credentials in the fact that a 1.4L SmartDose product typically equates to 280 ready to use (RTU) products. If you use an average of 100 cases of 6 x 750ml RTU product per year, the typical annual sustainability improvements are:

  • 441 litres less chemical that has to be manufactured, transported, stored and used (98.0% reduction)
  • 41.2 kg less plastic packaging that has to be manufactured, transported, stored and disposed (97.8% reduction)
  • 26.3 kg less cardboard packaging that has to be manufactured, transported, stored and disposed (97.8% reduction)
  • 124.2kg less greenhouse gas emissions as CO2 equivalence due to packaging alone (98.5% reduction)

The SmartDose range is ultimately one which aims at making commercial cleaning simpler, safer, smarter and more sustainable and its design and operation delivers on these key areas. For more information about SmartDose please contact us on 0844 844 4300 or email us at

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Clean Smarter with SmartDose from Diversey
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Clean Smarter with SmartDose from Diversey
Opt for a commercial cleaning system with concentrated solutions which manage the dosage they dispense when being used. Diversey's SmartDose range is a fantastic option for cleaning large hospitality venues and multi-site complexes.
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