Keep Takeaway Food At Its Best With The Hot Deli Deluxe Range

With uncertainty mounting surrounding the post-Christmas landscape of the country, food delivery and takeaway is once again becoming popular. Combine this with the drop in temperature and generally miserable weather we Brits have the joy of experiencing, it is no surprise businesses are once again gearing up to offer delivery options for their menus. With this shift in mind, we at Alliance want to highlight what to look for where disposable products are concerned.

Thermal Qualities

When customers order for delivery there is a certain expectation the food will arrive hot, or at least warm. As such, a key feature of any disposable food container irrespective of its intended contents is good thermal proofing. Meaning hot food stays hot, but equally cold food stays cold too. So, when looking to purchase disposable food containers make sure you check the temperature qualities of the containers to ensure customers have a positive experience with your food. Equally, you should also review the products internal thermal credentials too. You do not want products that are going to warp or conduct the heat to the outside of the container leading to potential burns for customers.

Structural Integrity

Another key component to consider when purchasing disposable containers is the sturdiness of the product when exposed to different foods. The last thing any customer wants is to receive their food and find it has leaked. To avoid this, check the various information provided when buying a range of food containers. Has the product been tested, and can the leak-proof claims be backed up?

Leaking only normally presents an issue in the following situations:

  1. Meals with excess sauce / liquid
  2. Meals that are packaged whilst too hot (as touched upon above)

The first scenario can lead to food containers becoming soggy and losing its shape whilst the second can lead to misshaping and bulging. Both need to be avoided for the sake of the customers food but ultimately your reputation and repeat custom.


Despite us mentioning warmth and insulating qualities we all understand that food doesn’t always get to customers piping hot. To counter this the microwave is an often-utilised appliance by most customers who may find their food in need of a quick reheating. Having microwavable containers can make this process easier for customers as they can quickly heat food and then serve.


The final area to consider are the green properties of your takeaway containers. With customer purchasing behaviour becoming more swayed by environmental features, having products which can meet societies new expectations is a must. Even if it is only part of the containers which are recyclable or biodegradable it still shows your business has a level of awareness concerning its environmental impact.

Hot Deli Deluxe

After reading the above you can be forgiven for assuming meeting all those standards is wishful thinking but worry not there is a solution. It comes in the form of the Hot Deli Deluxe range from Faerch. Being made from polypropylene means the range boasts a multitude of benefits including:

  • Microwavable – The range of bowls and containers can stand the heat of any microwave meaning food can be reheated should it cool a little too cool for customers.
  • Eco-Friendly – Being made from polypropylene means the range is 100% recyclable. In addition, Faerch produce the range in the UK using 100% renewable energy.
  • Thermal Durability – Not only can the range stand higher temperatures, but it can also be used to store food in the freezer too.
  • Structurally Stable – The food containers benefit from strength and durability preventing them from being compromised by their contents.
  • Stackable – The containers are stackable allowing them to be packed and easily transported safely, reducing the risk of items toppling over in transit.

So, if you are looking to review your takeaway container options you should heavily consider the Hot Deli Deluxe range. Its visual aesthetics combined with its various qualities outlined above make it perfect for all businesses who offer takeaway.

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Keep Takeaway Food At Its Best With The Hot Deli Deluxe Range
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Keep Takeaway Food At Its Best With The Hot Deli Deluxe Range
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