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A well thought out kitchen layout can save your restaurant a great deal of time and money. A strong and considered floorplan can ensure a kitchen operates in an efficient and smooth manner allowing for quick service. At Alliance we have many years of experience when it comes to designing commercial kitchens for numerous business sectors including back of house options, front of house and bar kitchens. Our designs have ranged from simple partial kitchen refurbishments where we have updated sections such as the prep area with new steel fabricated options to full turnkey projects.

When designing a commercial kitchen, we have a few areas we consider in order to optimise the area to ensure the workspace flows effectively and works for your staff and your business:

  • Flow – We ensure the design maximises staff flow to ensure unnecessary movement / journeys are reduced as much as possible and that the kitchen follows a flow which mimics that of a typical service period. Equally, we always ensure our designs include clear access and easy movement for staff whilst also meeting health and safety regulations.
  • Best Equipment – When selecting catering equipment, we look for appliances that are cost effective, innovative, energy efficient and industry proven. Our range of trusted suppliers provide fantastic options meaning we can always find an option to match any customers need.
  • Services – We will always consider the location of services and ensure these are accounted when suggesting equipment placement.
  • Process – We have serviced the catering industry for over 20 years, so we understand the processes involved in high volume service kitchens. As such we ensure the following four key areas are always optimised: storage, food preparation, meal cooking and cleaning / washing.
  • HACCP Compliance – We will ensure all designs comply with current hazard analysis and critical control point principles where commercial kitchens are concerned. In particular we shall pay attention to the placement of storage, food prep and cook areas to avoid cross contamination between cooked and raw products, especially meat.

When designing a kitchen for a customer, we follow the below process:

  1. Initial onsite survey and meeting with one of our Capital Equipment Specialists. The purpose of this is to assess the site, take note of your requirements, potential budget and measure the dimensions of the area you require the new kitchen to be located.
  2. Once we have relayed this to our kitchen design team, they will then produce a CAD design. The initial design will be a basic scaled 2D image.
  3. We shall then gather quotes from our suppliers for all equipment included within the design. At this point we begin producing a presentation for you (the customer) which is made up of the CAD design and the various quoted options.
  4. We produce the combined presentation (design and quotes) to you the customer and take on board any feedback you give in relation to required amends.
  5. These changes are then factored in and the presentation is resubmitted.
  6. Once both parties (you the customer and we at Alliance) are satisfied we can move forward with final approval and sign off from the customer.
  7. We then send the design back to our kitchen design team so they can produce a service drawing. This is a more in-depth layout plan which includes services and inlets on the design. This is then sent to installers so they can be made aware ahead of installation should they have any queries.
  8. Upon completion of the service drawing, we will then discuss and agree payment terms with the customer.
  9. Once we have approval of the payment terms product delivery can begin. Product delivery is timed and bespoke to each project to help maximise efficiency during the installation process.
  10. Once products arrive the installation process can begin. Our installation protocol is traditionally within one unobstructed metre of the service / inlet point. However, if it is requested at the initial meeting, we can off full turnkey solutions too.
  11. The final stage is a three-point process which all normally happen very quickly one after the other:
    a) Snagging List – We ensure any final snags are addressed.
    b) Final Approval – We will affirm that the customer is happy and have given final approval on the project.
    c) Hand Over – Once final approval has been achieved, we will hand over the finished project to the customer to start using.

Naturally, Alliance will always be contactable for any queries after the final hand over and we always reinforce to customers we are only a telephone call away should they require anything else.

So, if you’re looking for an experienced company to design your new commercial kitchen contact Alliance today on 0844 844 4300 or email us at We also have a range of wholesale kitchen equipment so you can fully stock your new kitchen out with the highest quality essentials.

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Commercial Kitchen Design by Alliance Online
At Alliance we have many years of experience when it comes to designing commercial kitchens for numerous business sectors including back of house options, front of house and bar kitchens.
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