National Beer Day is a chance to hop for joy! As a national organisation with a regional presence, through our branches, we at Alliance understand, appreciate and support the importance of local business and produce. With a second-coming of craft beers and regionally brewed ales, we thought there’s no better way to celebrate than highlighting a few breweries and their offerings local to our branches. 11 branches, 11 beers! (perhaps don’t try them all at once)


Fierce Brewery – Peanut Riot


Fierce Beer started as a home-brew just 4 years ago and has since gained an appreciative following that has led to the opening of a more substantial micro-brewery. As the name of this specific brew suggests, Peanut Riot Porter provides a dark nutty tone with elements of chocolate and a hint of saltiness. Something slightly different than your ordinary ale, the Brewers at Fierce have created a very unique but impressively supported offering. A local business started from scratch, we like the sound of it and the taste doesn’t disappoint either.

North West

Marble Beers – Manchester Bitter


As local as you can get, it’s in the name. Not just this specific brew but the brewery itself. Marble Beers originates from the popular Marble Arch drinking house in the city of Manchester. A brand so local and proud of its routes, both its name and the name of the brew indicate its origin. Marble themselves state the Manchester Bitter as their ‘most traditional regular beer’. Baring the term ‘Dry, Bitter and Northern’, the pour is unashamedly local, traditional and isn’t trying to be something its not. A proper beer, a bit of Manchester.


Vocation Brewery – Smash & Grab


Not a million miles from our North regional base in Leeds, the Vocation Brewery at rural Hebden Bridge isn’t just a quiet countryside brewer. Providing a modern twist to some classic brews, Vocation really know how to get it right. Smash & Grab isn’t for the faint-hearted. A fruity flavor can trick the taste buds but at 8.5% abv, don’t underestimate its power.  It’s all in the name. A modern yet creative brewer and beer hidden in the Yorkshire countryside. Punchy and proud. Definitely one to try!

Wales & West

Lost and Grounded – Running with Sceptres


Having only been brewing for a YEAR, Lost and Grounded are fairly new to the game but they could have fooled us. With a strong brand and intelligent background work, the brewer has brought together international techniques, flavours and processes to create a locally brewed offering. Celebrating the metaphoric scepter of skill or trait that each of us carry and makes us special, the Running with Sceptres beer is identified as a special Lager with an extra hoppy taste. Lost and Grounded should be as proud of their brew as you should be of your scepter.

West Midlands

Salopian Brewery – Darwin’s Original


Still a fairly young brewery, founded in 1994 in North Wales, Salopian moved to Shrewsbury (its translatable namesake) in 1995. Although originally established in Wales the brewery is now a gem of the West Midlands. The brewer doesn’t have a lengthy history yet they’re is still an ode to heritage in this particular brew. Darwin’s original is now 8 years old, after being specially brewed in 2009, 200 years after the birth of the man himself. After winning numerous awards over its initial years this hoppy copper coloured beer is now a mainstay for the brewer. Moving forward, whilst appreciating the past, a class act!

East Midlands

Buxton Brewery – Barrel Aged Double Axe


Formed only the year before the turn of the decade in a family garage with a 40l batch size, Buxton Brewery has developed to brew over 10,000 litres a week! Named after local high moorland of the same name, Axe Edge is not given its noun after the swinging blade but a much more peaceful namesake. This 9 month barrel-aged version, however, does pack a bit of extra sharpness and power to bring both meanings to fruition. With a bit of a harder kick and a rise of nearly 4% abv to 10.4%, to many of the Double Axe are sure to get you half-cut.

East Anglia

Redwell Brewing Co. – Steam Lager


Recently celebrating their 4th Birthday, Redwell Brewing Co. have looked to bring Norfolk and East Anglia a real mainstay for craft lagers and ales of which has not been seen in the area before. A local focus still remains but popularity nationally is growing, particularly in support of the Steam Lager brew. The Steam Lager itself works as a crowd pleaser for both those who enjoy more commercial lagers and those who prefer a real ale. As with the brand as a whole, the brew has been well received and its popularity doesn’t look like stemming any time soon. Full steam ahead!


Weird Beard Brew Co. – Black Perle


Not your standard brewer. As the name suggests, Weird Beard Brew Co. are one of the more eccentric innovators in the industry. A more rocky and unapologetically yet humorously sinister brand, Weird Beard have been making (lots of) noise in the London beer scene for the last 4-5 years. Without to much strength, in terms of abv, the Black Perle brew offers intense flavour. Featuring tones of coffee, chocolate and roast malts, the beer is both creamy and full without overpowering the taste buds. A unique Milk Coffee Stout which is Weird by name but wonderful by nature!

South East

Hop Fuzz – Blacksmith


Set on the South East coast in little old West Hythe, Kent, Hop Fuzz Brewery is a very British brewer. Priding themselves on originality and handmade produce, Hop Fuzz put their all into what they love to do and that’s brewing wonderful beer. Following their humble beginnings, the brewery’s Blacksmith pour is simply described as a ‘Kent Craft Stout’. Doing the basics perfectly, both beer and brewer don’t overdo or oversell what they do. Just good beer from a good place.


The Dancing Man – Fiddlers Jig


A mere baby compared to its home at The Wool House, built in 1338, The Dancing Man brewery embraces the history of its surroundings whilst seamlessly fitting into a contemporary market. Similarly to the brewer itself, the Fiddlers Jig brew compromises English style bitter with a deep history and tradition and adds a modern twist with American hops. The combination provides a hearty pour leaving a joyful feeling, hence its name. Party in a pint!

South West

Platform 5 Brewing Company – The Coaster


Named after the unmentioned platform 5 of Newton Abbott Railway Station, the brewer of the same title has brewed below the local railway station for over 4 years now. Platforms 1-4 and 6 have a recorded history, the same cannot be said for five and for this reason, the brewers felt it needed a mention and what better way to do it? A real local family-run micro-brewery, Platform 5 have perfected a small number of brews rather than an expansive less detailed portfolio. A core of their range is The Coaster. Light and refreshing, the golden brew is perfect for a warm summer’s evening in the South West (or anywhere else in the country for that matter). The wheels have started turning faster and faster for the Newton Abbot brewer having established a secure ‘platform’ in the industry.

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