The 2nd of June marks the annual day of appreciation of battered cod, haddock and all other chip shop favourites. Although many of us enjoy a good old chippy tea much more often than once a year, the date in question is officially National Fish and Chip Day.

Fish and Chips, however, have always been a staple on the menus of pubs, bars and even restaurants throughout the country. With this in mind we’ve put together some potential serving options and products to suit any establishment serving a fishy on a dishy…..or any other alternatives.

Hake-away Chippy


The most traditional and abundant method of service or presentation of fish and chips is without doubt the takeaway chip-shop option. More often than not the packaging consists of polystyrene or foam takeaway tray and yesterday’s newspaper. Although this is still rather popular, and there will be those who don’t like to break tradition, there are tweaks and changes that can be made to benefit both your establishment and your customers.

Alliance’s stock of specifically designed, food-friendly, recyclable and compostable Newspaper Wrap and Foam Takeaway Containers (recyclable options available) allows for maintaining a more established and accepted presentation method. If, however, a tweak is required there are an abundance of Eco Disposable Containers in a range of shapes, colours and sizes and made from a variety of environmental considerate materials from Bagasse (extracted from sugar cane) to Origo (a corn starch based bioplastic).

Sub-Oceanic Pub Grub


As Brits, we don’t like to be restricted on when and where we can entertain our taste buds with battered fish and fried potato and this being said, where better to sample these than with a cold pint of English ale ‘down pub’. When ordering this delightful delicacy at a pub you may expect it to be served on a very basic white plate or standardised coloured crockery. But wait. What if it was different? Revolutionary we know but what’s to say that fish and chips couldn’t be served on a wooden board or platter or using modern interpretations of basketware hmmm? The world is your oyster.

There is opportunity when browsing Alliance offerings to identify a wide range of creative ways to present your menu in a casual dining environment. As we’ve suggested Wooden Boards are ideal for the service of fish and chips in a pub environment and can be partnered with creative presentation accompaniments including Food Service Minatures. A slightly different take, and perhaps a little more laid back approach, is to use Display Baskets and Wireware accompanied by previously mentioned Newspaper Wrap to showcase your beautifully battered bite.

High Class Bass


We are well aware that you’re unlikely to find fish and chips, in its most traditional form, at a reputable luxury restaurant. However, a fish dish with potato-based accompaniment? A possibility, at least. Rather than serving your grilled Sea bass and dauphinoise on a plain white plate, your establishment can delicately excite the senses of customers with exquisite shapes, textures and tones.

If you’re running a high-end Michelin star establishment, or even a popular local restaurant, you’ll be looking for products a little more substantial than those previously suggested. The option to differentiate in presentation in luxury eateries is generally more subtle and sophisticated. The Bella Flat Plate and associated pieces from Villeroy and Boch offer just one option of delicate embossing and texture to please all the sense. An alternative is to add a little style and shape through the use of coupe plates such as Evolve from Churchill or even a rustic feel with slight colouration in the form of Craft White from Steelite.

However you are planning on serving up your fish and chips, we’re more than happy to help you set the scene with a plethora of presentation potential at Alliance Online.

Tartare for now!