Burns Night: the annual celebration of Scotland’s late & great national poet, Robert Burns. In order to celebrate the man himself & all of his work, lovers of Burns take it as an yearly opportunity to celebrate: feasting, dancing, poetry reciting and last but not least, drinking whiskey.


Due to such large selections out there, those who are looking to celebrate the national poet of Scotland’s 258th birthday may be at a loss. It can be a struggle deciding which variety of the distilled alcoholic beverage to rejoice with. Keeping both quality & value for your money in mind, there are some of the most ideal whiskeys to wish Mr Burns a very Happy Birthday:

1. Ardbeg 10 Year Old (46%)

Arriving in a 70cl bottle, this 2008 World Whiskey of the Year (awarded by Jim Murray), the Ardberg 10 has been described as a whiskey that is dangerous & addictive but in all the right ways.  Sweet, bold, peat, complex: this unique, orated whiskey is defined as a classic from Islay, Scotland. A lemon & lime proceeding a hint of vanilla before fires your palate into a realm of smoke-filled, caramel-like finish.

The Ardbeg 10 is a craft of balance containing both elegant sweet & sour flavours, embroidered in a strong smoke finish. Looking and tasting great in any high quality tumbler glass, it provides an enticing, peat-heavy start to the Burns Night celebrations.

Available at www.masterofmalt.com for £39.95

2. Haig Club Clubman (40%)

Rooted in the qualitative yet authentic style of the House of Haig, this single grain Scotch whisky is a lighter option, as smooth as the ex-bourbon American Oak casks in which it was matured. Presented in a sleek yet classy blue 70cl bottle, Haig Club Clubman is the bold statement by Haig Club that it says will push Scotch in an exciting new direction due to the fact it gives consumers an option to try something more subtle & light.

Highly recommended to be enjoyed in combination with cola, this modern product of the 1824-founded distillery is perfect in it’s simplicity and is to be enjoyed as a mixed drink or on it’s own. As a mixed drink however, it goes down great in a sophisticated Hiball glass. Reviews have given praise such as “tastes a lot nicer than the price!” or “it’s chuffing lovely!”, the Haig Club Clubman is layered with the rich vanilla taste of a Kentucky Bourbon right before your tastes buds are brought back down with the earthly flavour of a full bodied Scotch.

Available at www.Amazon.co.uk for £23.52

3. Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack (40%)

A standard 70cl bottle containing a premium version of a well known whisky, suitable for any fine adult. Filtered through charcoal before barrelling & bottling, Gentlemen Jack builds upon Jack Daniel’s already-successful formula with an even more impressive flavour & complexity. It’s spicy nose of caramel, aniseed & oak is loved for the mouth watering flavour it creates. Not only is the liquorice, oak, cinnamon & slight banana palate a breat a fresh air for fans & new consumers of the brand, it’s roast-like & spicey finish is a welcome change of flavour for anyone who is looking for something with a unique edge in their whiskey-sampling escapades.

Available at www.Masterofmalt.com for £29.69


4. Hibiki Japanese Harmony (43%)

One of Japan’s best vintages in a modest but humble 70cl glass bottle. Being previously awarded a Double Gold at the San Franciso World Spirits Competition 2016, Hibiki’s best selling point is it’s blended balance. Made with malt whiskies from the Hakushu, Yamakazi & Chita distilleries, Japanese Harmony has been sampled & favoured as being ridiculously smooth with a perfect amount of malt orange & honey in it’s delightful expression. American White Oak, Sherry & Mizunara are examples of the 5 different types of casks that the whisky is drawn from, causing this variety to contribute to it’s herbaceous, beautiful elegance. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick drink within a side tumbler glass or a larger double old fashioned glass, this Hibiki concoction will certainly harmonise your taste buds.

Available at www.Masterofmalt.com for £59.95

5. Booker’s Rye 13 Year Old (68.1%)

A limited-edition one-off release & Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible’s 2017 World Whiskey of the Year, possibly a reason for the £1200 price tag. That means you may you want to save this for the Burns Night after you’ve won your first lottery fund, but it will definitely be worth every penny when that time comes. Praised by Murray as an intense flavour profile with balanced notes of wood & oak from the longer ageing process, Booker’s Rye was made from the remnants of whiskey that were distilled by the late Booker Noe himself. It’s long aging process & very high percentage has resulted in a whiskey with an astounding intensity & spice. This allows you & your friends to drink to Mr Burns’ birthday with a bit of a powerful zest in your pristine, crystal tumblers .

Available at Amazon.co.uk for £1200