This Chinese New Year, the 4715th, is the year of the Rooster and of all the cultural aspects we enjoy from this great nation, one sticks out for us. Food. As Chinese New Year falls on Saturday 28th January this year (Saturday being the perfect night for takeaway food) we decided to go through the office staff and more specifically the Marketing and Design department to find what the guys like to stuff their faces with. You should hopefully get an idea of the sorts of people we have no choice but to call colleagues;

Ryan Halliwell – Trade Marketing

Salt and Pepper Chicken Pieces, Salt and Pepper Chips, Prawn Toast and Black Bean Sauce.

The cool one of the gang. Ryan has picked a solid meal choice here. You can never have too much salt and pepper; the perfect seasoning to any meal, like this guy is to the team. The prawn toast reflects his natural warmth and loveliness and the black bean sauce represents his smooth saucy side. Definitely one of the favourites in the office, a real trend setter for his peers (you’ll see how later).

Bethany Fleet – Marketing Apprentice

Chicken Balls, Chips, Duck Fried Rice and Curry Sauce.

The baby of the group, Beth essentially chose chicken nuggets and chips. We’ll forgive her due to the addition of Duck Fried Rice and Curry Sauce. Although not the most adventurous of meal choices at least it’s not an omelette. What you can take from this is that Beth knows what she likes and sticks to it. There’s nothing wrong with that but as she joins the adult gang we’re hoping she’ll branch out from the kids menu and really try something a little more traditional.

Chris Hatton – Design

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings and Sweet + Sour Pork Balls.

Not one for carbs, Chris seems to have chosen two mains and absolutely no sides. This isn’t going to help him lose that infamous ‘extra stone’ he won’t shut up about. Much like his choice in food, this guy has two sides. To hear a complement come from his direction is often a mystery in that it can be genuine (sweet) or sarcastic (sour). Either way, we know deep down that he’s a softy, hence the choice of the succulent chicken wings although he did basically copy Ryan (maybe Chris finds inspiration in his colleague, food for thought).


Mark Casey – Web

Special Chow Mein and Dim Sum.

The walking talking muscle. Straight to the point. He knows what he likes. No messing around. None of this mushroom rubbish for Mark, he’s having the ‘Special’ Chow Mein. Being the He-man that he is, he’ll want a bit of everything so the choice of Dim Sum allows for an element of this. You don’t get the physique of Action Man by eating half of the menu. Special Chow Mein and Dim Sum. Done.

Ben Williams – Content Marketing

Chicken and Sweet-corn Soup (with soy sauce), Chicken Fried Rice, Prawn Toast and Sweet and Sour Sauce.

The newest member of the team, Ben has brought with him the fresh idea of starters. He’s having Chicken and Sweet-corn Soup with Soy Sauce (he loves soy sauce). It seems, as a new member of the team, Ben is replicating choices of his new colleagues. A safe bet perhaps. Although he does have some foodie quirks so the choices are understandable in isolation. He doesn’t like cheese! Not allergic, doesn’t like it! Lucky that he’s an alright lad. Chicken Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Sauce and Prawn Toast (more inspiration from the main man Ryan?) make up Ben’s ideal Chinese feast.

Debbie Ridgway – Design

Shredded Chicken in Chilli Sauce, Egg Fried Rice, Fortune Cookie.

More Chicken! It is the year of the rooster after all! The sauce accompanying the chicken helps to express Debbie as a person perfectly; the perfect addition but when it gets heated the results can be extremely spicy. The fortune cookie also personifies our wonderful Debbie; usually a joy but if you see the negative side you’ll be praying you hadn’t opened it up. The Egg Fried Rice? A bit bland and basic, nothing like our Debbie!

p.s. no prizes for guessing who, so exquisitely, composed this piece.

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