Bourgeat Excellence Pans


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BourgeatExcellence Saucepan 14cm (1Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBESP014
  • Available in 10-14 days

BourgeatExcellence Saucepan 18cm (2.2Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBESP018
  • In Stock

BourgeatExcellence Saucepan 20cm (3.1Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBESP020
  • In Stock

BourgeatExcellence Saucepan 24cm (5.4Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBESP024
  • In Stock

BourgeatExcellence Casserole 28cm (8.6Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBESC028
  • Available in 14-21 days

BourgeatExcellence Casserole 32cm (12.8Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBESC032
  • In Stock

BourgeatExcellence Casserole 36cm (18.3Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBESC036
  • In Stock

BourgeatExcellence Casserole 40cm (25Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBESC040
  • Available in 5-7 days

BourgeatExcellence Stockpot 32cm (25Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBEPP032
  • In Stock

BourgeatExcellence Stockpot 36cm (36Ltr)

  • Stock code: LBEPP036
  • In Stock

BourgeatExcellence/Tradition Pan Lid 28cm

  • Stock code: LBETL028
  • In Stock

BourgeatExcellence/Tradition Pan Lid 32cm

  • Stock code: LBETL032
  • Available in 5-7 days
The Bourgeat Excellence pans have been designed to provide excellent quality and value for money with its stainless steel body providing high resistance to corrosion.