Washroom Cleaners & Descalers



CifPro Formula 4 in 1 Washroom Spray 750ml

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Viakal Limescale Remover Spray 10 x 750ml

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FlashMulti Pack Spray with Bleach 750ml

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FlashSpray with Bleach 750ml

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DiverseyShield Limescale Remover 5Ltr

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Mr MuscleMulti Pack Washroom Cleaner 750ml

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Mr MuscleBathroom Cleaner 750ml

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AstonishMulti Pack Bathroom Cleaner 750ml

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Flash - Multi Pack 3 in1 Multi Surface Glass and Washroom

ChemEcoBio Washroom Cleaner 5Ltr

  • Stock code: CECO0015
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Washroom cleaners, descalers, lime scale and rust removers, perfect for ceramic tiled walls and altro and vinyl floors. For use in washroom areas, shower stalls, changing rooms, spas and sauna's and hotel bathrooms.