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In this collection, you'll find an impressive range of commercial cooking equipment. Whether you run a food truck, a cosy cafe, a busy bed and breakfast, or a Michelin-starred restaurant, you'll find everything you need to get your business ready to serve customers in this range of quality professional cooking equipment.


Dualit (2)
Hatco (5)
Lincat (3)
Hallco (1)
Roband (1)

LincatConveyor Toaster CT1 340 slices per hour (410mm (W) x 668mm (D) x 398mm (H))

  • Stock code: ESCT0001
  • Please Call for Stock Availability

HatcoConveyor Toaster TM3-10 TM3-10 (338mm (W) x 464mm (D) x 411mm (H))

  • Stock code: ESCT0020
  • Please Call for Stock Availability

HatcoToast Quik Conveyor Toaster TQ-405 368mm (W) x 451mm (D) x 378mm (H)

  • Stock code: ESCT0016
  • Please Call for Stock Availability

HatcoSecurity Panel TQ-405

  • Stock code: WHSP0001
  • Please Call for Stock Availability

DualitPro Heat Element - End 456

  • Stock code: ESDEE002
  • Please Call for Stock Availability

DualitPro Heat Element - Centre 457

  • Stock code: ESDEE001
  • Please Call for Stock Availability

Shop commercial toasters here at Alliance Online, where you'll find top-quality models fit for professional use from leading brands such as Dualit, Lincat, and Roller Grill.

With a range of options including 4 slice commercial toaster, 6 slice commercial toasters and conveyor toasters, Alliance Online have the perfect commercial restaurant toaster for any kitchen.

A commercial toaster is ideal for hotels and cafés that have a busy morning service or put out a breakfast buffet. Capable of producing hundreds of perfectly prepared slices of toast an hour, a catering toaster will dramatically decrease your service time, making it a hassle-free addition to any commercial kitchen.

For more information on which model will suit your needs the best, please refer to our commercial toaster buying guide.