If one of your goals as a restaurant is to gain a good reputation for its knowledge and expertise in serving whiskies, you need to have an up-to-date variety, a good serve and a presentable range of glassware to make them shine.

Whiskey is best served neat with no ice at room temperature which is deemed most ideal to bring out its flavour.

Recommended glasses for whiskey include those with a tulip shape, being wider on the bottom and narrow towards the top. The tulip shape focuses the aroma and flavour towards the nose, allowing your customers to fully appreciate the unique characteristics of each whiskey.

Whiskies are fantastic pairings for a variety of food. Whilst burgers and barbecue foods go well with them, this delicious compatibility isn’t exclusive to those specific foods.

Savoury foods such as seafood, cheeses, smoked and roasting meats go well with whiskey. The best type of whiskey to go with these foods depend on the depth of flavour. Lighter-tasting fish such as sushi and salmon go well with lighter whiskies. When you’re pairing fish with a heavier flavour like mackerel and smoked fish, this calls for a medium-bodied whiskey to make the heftier flavours compliment each other.

Whiskey pairings carry over to desserts too. Bourbons for example, are rich, full-bodied and heavy in texture. This goes wonderfully with rich sweets such as dark chocolate and fruitcakes.


Whilst wine is often the drink to be associated with pairing cheese, Whisky is an alternative that is becoming an increasingly popular trend. With an array of bold-flavoured cheeses in the market, there are plenty of whiskeys that can be an effective match. For example, a stronger and smellier cheese works best with a full-bodied malted. A lighter scotch goes well with a soft and creamy cheese.

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