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Here you will find a superb range of quality catering appliances & kitchen equipment from ovens and microwaves to refrigerators and dishwashers. The best brands, the best choice and the best prices!

A professional kitchen needs to be a well-oiled machine, running as smoothly and problem free as possible. This is largely achieved with trained, well-disciplined and creative staff. Another essential part is the kitchen equipment, which can help operations to run smoothly and produce excellent food that will keep customers coming back.

As well as providing the very best ovens and ranges, at Alliance Online we also supply dishwashers, steam cleaners and refrigerators. With appliances from the some of the best brand names in the industry, such as Falcon, Lincat and KitchenAid, food and drink professionals across the UK are well catered for.

Cooking and preparation equipment

When it comes to preparing food in a commercial kitchen, it is important that all kitchen equipment is in the best condition possible. The latest commercial oven ranges are built for heavy use, being able to manage daily services, while complementary appliances such as toasters and grills can be found able to perform too.

Much of the work done in the kitchen is during the prep stage, with sharp knives and good work surfaces being paramount to speed and safety. However, modern kitchen equipment has helped move things along a great deal over the years, making the likes of mixers, blenders and juicers valuable additions to any professional caterer's kitchen.

Refrigeration and washing equipment

Keeping food as fresh as possible before it is ready to be used is essential in a well-run kitchen. This is obviously vital for health and safety reasons but also ensures that food will taste as good is it can when cooked and presented to the customer. Modern fridges and freezers ensure this is the case, available in a range of sizes to suit any kitchen.

Another important aspect of food presentation is ensuring it is taken to table on clean and well-maintained dishes. To help ensure tableware is in the best possible shape, using a well-designed modern dishwasher is important. With glasswashers and washing machines also able to be used, complementary kitchen equipment can ensure glassware, tablecloths and napkins are impeccable.

Other kitchen equipment

As well as having the basics such as ovens, blenders and dishwashers, many modern kitchens also need to be equipped for other tasks. From refrigerated and heated front of house displays to catering trolleys, stainless steel kitchen sinks and fast food kitchen equipment, there is a solution to suit every task, all of which can be provided for cost-effectively.