Siena 18/10 Cutlery



EliaSiena 18/10 Table Knife

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EliaSiena 18/10 Table Spoon

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EliaSiena 18/10 Dessert Fork

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EliaSiena 18/10 Dessert Knife

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EliaSiena 18/10 Dessert Spoon

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EliaSiena 18/10 Soup Spoon

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EliaSiena 18/10 Teaspoon

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EliaSiena 18/10 Serving Spoon

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Elia's Siena Cutlery pattern is fully forged in a heavy-gauge that provides an immediate feeling of quality for the user. It is perfectly balanced with graceful curves and smooth, rounded edges for a wonderful feeling in the hand.

Crafted in 18/10 Stainless Steel, Siena is polished to a flawless mirror finish, which looks stunning on any contemporary dining table.