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Standard Tealights 4 Hour Burn

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Standard Tealights 8 Hour Burn

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Standard Tealights

Standard Tealights 6 Hour Burn

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GenwareGlass Tealight Holder

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Square Glass Tealight Holder 7.5cm

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Glass Votive Tealight Holder

Glass Votive Tealight Holder 6.5h x 5.5d cm

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Roly Poly Votive Candle Holder 6.5 x 5.4cm

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Plum Joy Votive Candle Holder Small

  • Stock code: TVCS0002
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Deco Nightlight Holder 6cm (2.25")

  • Stock code: TDN00001
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Rita Nightlight Holder 6cm (2.25")

  • Stock code: TRN00001
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Available in a range of sizes and burn times