Cake Tins, Stands and Cooling Trays


Chefs pastry

Cake Cooling Tray 46cm x 25cm

  • Stock code: LCCR0025
  • In Stock

Stainless Steel Cooling Rack 610x445mm

  • Stock code: LCCT6040
  • In Stock
Excellence Steam Shelf

Excellence Steam Shelf 24cm (5.5Ltr)

  • Stock code: BASS0024
  • In Stock

Loose Base Round Cake Pan 6" Dia 3" Deep

  • Stock code: LCPLB002
  • In Stock

Loose Base Round Cake Pan 9" Dia 3" Deep

  • Stock code: LCPBL005
  • In Stock

UtopiaSavoy 3 Tier Cake Plate Stand 18" (46cm)

  • Stock code: LCST0102
  • Available in 3-5 days

Rustic Copper 3 Tier Cake Stand 362x132x385mm

  • Stock code: LWCS0003
  • Available in 3-5 days

Wooden High Tea Cake Stand

  • Stock code: LHTS0001
  • In Stock

ArtisAcrylic Inserts for 3 Tier Cake Stand

  • Stock code: LCST0136
  • In Stock

Round Plastic Wedding Cake Stand 35cm (14")

  • Stock code: GFCS0032
  • In Stock

Footed Cake Stand 30cm (12")

  • Stock code: LCSTS091
  • In Stock

Cake Stand Cover with Metal Handle 12"

  • Stock code: LCSTM012
  • In Stock
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