Wholesale Fast Food Boxes & Containers


Chefs disposables

Clamshell Burger Food Box 10.8 x 10.8 x 7cm

  • Stock code: CBCS0002
  • In Stock

ColpacSupa Snax Chip Scoop Small

  • Stock code: CCS01000
  • In Stock

ColpacSsupa Snax Chip Scoop Medium

  • Stock code: CCS01002
  • In Stock

ColpacSsupa Snax Chip Scoop Large

  • Stock code: CCS01001
  • In Stock

Chip Scoop Medium Star/Ball Design

  • Stock code: CCSM0001
  • In Stock

Paper Chip Cone 7.5oz (183 x 151mm)

  • Stock code: CCCN1000
  • In Stock

Small Fish 'n' Chip Tray 220x115x45mm

  • Stock code: CFCT0001
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

ColpacSupa Snax Whopper Burger Box Large (130 x 130 x 62 mm)

  • Stock code: CWBB0500
  • Available in 3-5 days

VegwarePaper Pizza Slice Tray Standard

  • Stock code: CPST0002
  • In Stock
French Fries Kraft Scoop

French Fries Kraft Scoop Medium

  • Stock code: CCSK0002
  • In Stock
Vegware - Platter Box Half Insert

Cellophane Burger Disc 5"

  • Stock code: DCBD0001
  • In Stock

Sheet Burger Wrap Blue 250mm x 320mm

  • Stock code: CBW00528
  • In Stock

At Alliance Online, we offer a wide range of wholesale fast food boxes and containers, which are ideal for serving takeaway dishes.

Our selection is extensive:we have flip lunchboxes, burger boxes, chip scoops, hot dog sleeves, and more. Whatever fast food your establishment might serve, we'll have the perfect containers to present it in.

And, these aren't the only food containers we offer. If you would like to update your supplies even further, browse our ranges of foil containers and lids, portion and deli pots, and bagasse containers as well.