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In this collection, you'll find an impressive range of commercial cooking equipment. Whether you run a food truck, a cosy cafe, a busy bed and breakfast, or a Michelin-starred restaurant, you'll find everything you need to get your business ready to serve customers in this range of quality professional cooking equipment.


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If you're after sous vide equipment for your professional kitchen, look no further than our comprehensive range here at Alliance Online, where you'll find everything, you need to perform immersion cooking in your commercial kitchen.

The cutting-edge technology in this range will allow you to cook your food sous vide. This technique not only gives you perfectly cooked dishes every time, but also allows you to hold food at serving temperature for hours without the risk of it drying out, overcooking, or burning.

Our comprehensive range of immersion cooking equipment includes sous vide machines such as vacuum packers, water baths, and immersion circulators from the world's most advanced catering appliance manufacturers.

For more information regarding Sous Vide please refer to our buying guide.