Here at Alliance Online, we appreciate and understand that opting for the correct warewasher can be an overwhelming challenge. Identifying the suitable requirements for each establishment is a tough job which we can help with, in our history we have worked with numerous warewashing suppliers which has allowed us to offer well-informed insights regarding the topic of warewashing. View our Classeq Hub - Brochures & Videos

Our Range Of Classeq Products

Classeq glass and dishwashers are optimised for cleaning in some of the most arduous commercial situations. These machines are designed to operate as simply as possible whilst featuring performance enhancing customisations. High performance warewashing equipment suitable for any commercial environment. Classeq have developed high quality commercial dishwashers and glasswashers tailored to your establishment.

Why Choose Alliance Online?

In our 23 years of supplying the commercial catering sector we have seen and dealt with a wide variety of brands. Classeq is one of the finest we have the pleasure of stocking, a family business that was formed back in 1977 they, like us, understand the connection between a business and a customer. The Classeq collection of warewashing wonders is an eclectic one with varying capabilities and strengths that will adapt to any commercial situation. For more information from previous customers regarding our quality please refer to our customer reviews.

New Products and Ranges

Due to the ever-evolving nature of catering equipment it can be difficult to pinpoint what a commercial establishment needs for their warewashing requirements. Exceeding expectations in all commercial establishments, the Classeq range of products will improve service times and productivity as well as the health and hygiene standards expected. The following are some of the selections we would recommend:

  • Classeq Glasswasher G350 Gravity Drain
  • Classeq Glasswasher G500 DUO
  • Classeq P500-30 Pass Through Dishwasher
  • Classeq P500A-WSD22 Pass Through Dishwasher