SmartDose Cleaning System


SmartDose D10 Suma Bac Sanitiser

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SmartDose D2.3 Suma Multi Purpose

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SmartDose Sani 4 in 1 Washroom Cleaner

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SmartDose Taski Sani Cid Washroom Cleaner

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SmartDose Refill Bottles for D2.3 & D10

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SmartDose Refill Bottles for Degragerm

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SmartDose Refill Bottles for Sani 4 in 1

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Diversey - Jontec Taski 300 Spray Bottles
SmartDose is a simple, maintenance free, portable dosing system without the need for any equipment installation, delivering an accurate dose concentrated product simply, safely and swiftly via a patented smart pump and bottle design. It allows for 2 different shot sizes, making it suitable for bottle, bucket, machine and sink filling.