Lincat is one of the world's leading names in commercial catering equipment. The Lincat brand is synonymous with outstanding product reliability; sturdy, durable construction; and first-class technical support. From Ovens to induction hobs, Lincat provide industry-leading catering appliances perfect for any bar or restaurant. View our Lincat Hub - Brochures & Videos

Our Range Of Lincat Products

Founded all the way back in 1971 in Lincoln, Lincat are one of the best suppliers of commercial catering appliances it only makes sense that alliance Online would carry a wide and varied range of equipment and tools. For the upcoming summer season it would be ideal for a bar, pub or restaurant to update or purchase new kitchen appliances that will be able to keep up with the expected increase in demand. Products within the Lincat brand are designed to fulfil a specific requirement in your kitchen.

Why Choose Alliance Online?

In our 23 years we have been supplying wholesale products to the commercial catering industry we have worked with many brands; we have been working with Lincat for 18+ years and can safely say that they are a reliable and excellent supplier that provide quality goods every time. Here at Alliance Online we can appreciate and understand that identifying the appropriate appliances for an establishment can be daunting as different settings require different features, with our expert knowledge of the catering markets we can ensure that you are in safe hands.

New Products and Ranges

The beauty of Lincat is that because they are such an innovative and industry-leading company they offer new ranges and products that will change how the sector operates. The following are a few Lincat ranges that we at Alliance Online would recommend:

  • CIBO+ - High speed ventless cooking that produces fast and quality results effortlessly.
  • Lynx 400 – Designed to plug in and play, the Lynx 400 range offers perfect plates of food in no time.
  • Opus 800 – Providing heavy-duty and high-volume cooking that delivers a powerful cooking performance for large durations.
  • FilterFlow – Easy-to-use and cheap to run, the FilterFlow boiler range provides high quality water 24/7 and is perfect for cafes and offices.