Foster is Europe's leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer who are at the forefront of new technology, they provide guaranteed quality and reliability of all their products. With over 50 years of manufacturing excellence, Foster are refrigeration experts who strive for excellence in their equipment to ensure your kitchens have the best appliances on the market.

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What we feature from Foster

At Alliance Online we feature a wide and all-encompassing range of Foster refrigeration appliances. If you are looking for undercounter options we have both fridge and freezers available allowing you to maintain vital free worktop space for food prep. For larger areas we have counter refrigeration options where the fridge has a counter on top which can be used as a work station. For more specialised pieces of equipment we also have blast freezers and refrigerated prep stations.

Why Alliance Online?

In our 24 years we have been supplying wholesale products to the commercial catering industry we have worked with many well renowned brands like Foster. Here at Alliance Online we can appreciate and understand that identifying the appropriate appliances for an establishment can be daunting as different settings require different features, with our expert knowledge of the catering markets we can ensure that you are in safe hands.


What is the best cleaning practice for my refrigerator?

Cleaning of refrigeration appliances should be carried out periodically, especially if meat is stored in them. When cleaning the equipment be sure to empty it entirely and then follow the instructions on the cleaning solution being used. If you are cleaning a freezer it is recommended that you allow the internal temperature to increase above freezing and wait until any ice has melted and the resulting water cleared away.