Winterhalter P30 Special Glass Renovating Powder

This Glass Renovating Detergent Powder is suitable for the use of commercial and domestic dishwashing and glasswashing machines.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes, wear suitable gloves, eye and face protection, keep away from acids, do not mix with any other chemicals and ensure that you keep this out of the reach of children.

Directions for use:
Before loading Glass washer wipe the rim of the glass to remove any lipstick residue.
Load machine according to manufacturer's instructions allowing adequate space between glasses.
Fill the dispenser to the fill level mark. If your machine has no such mark use 40 grams of powder (approx 2 heaped tablespoons) this can be adjusted depending on the hardness of the water.
Set the machine as normal and commence washing cycle.
PLEASE NOTE: Formerly G3 Renovating (Descaler) Powder

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  • Winterhalter P30 Special Glass Renovating Powder
  • Stock code: CRP00001
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A powder detergent sanitizer for the refurbishment of drinking glasses and especially for the removal of rinse aid film. Can be used to treat new drinking glasses, removing all traces of chemicals used in glass manufacture, especially the mould release agent. Can also be used to aid the normal maintenance cleaning of cabinet and rotary brush type glasswasher machines. The sanitizer action of the product can also benefit the machine interior.
Weight10000 g (10 kg)