Churchill Vintage Prints Cranberry Rose Chintz Oval Plate 31.7cm Pink/White

This Oval Plate is multi-purpose, it is ideal for the use of hotels, restaurants, bars that are looking for a luxurious style for their food display. Alternately they can be used at home when you are doing a buffet for family or friends. They can be used to display hot or cold food. This is a simple yet good design when displaying food for a large amount of people. As well as this, this can be used to serve a meal or a side dish to customers. It is good quality and is good value for money as it is long lasting; this adds a simple yet luxurious style to your food display making it more eye-catching and appealing to your customers.

Key Features:

- 12.5"/31.7cm
- Churchill Vintage Prints Oval Plate
- Pink/White
- Durable
- Strong
- Super Vitrified
- Multi-Purpose
£116.20 for 6
Inc. VAT: £139.44
£139.44 for 6
Ex. VAT: £116.20
  • Stock code: KVPR0002
  • Quantity: 1 x 6
  • Size: 31.7cm (12.5")
  • Stock: Available in 3-5 days
  • Brand: Churchill
  • Colour: Pink/White
Length317 mm (31.7 cm)