Black Tablecloths and Napkins



PoppiesBlack Cocktail Napkin 2 Ply 25cm

  • Stock code: TNP00108
  • In Stock

BulkysoftBlack Lunch Napkin 2 Ply 33cm

  • Stock code: TNP00325
  • In Stock

BulkysoftBlack Dinner Napkin 2 Ply 40cm

  • Stock code: TNP00532
  • In Stock

TorkBlack LinStyle® Dinner Napkin 39cm

  • Stock code: TNA01522
  • In Stock

BulkysoftBlack Dinner Napkin 3 Ply 40cm

  • Stock code: TNP00741
  • In Stock

TorkBlack Dinner Napkin 3 Ply 39cm

  • Stock code: TNP00744
  • In Stock

SwantexNovafold Counter Napkin Dispenser

  • Stock code: TPND0001
  • In Stock

SwantexCompact Dispenser 25cm

  • Stock code: TPND0003
  • Available in 14-21 days

Black Airlaid Banqueting Roll 120cm x 25m

  • Stock code: TBRM1022
  • In Stock

SwantexBlack Swansilk Slip Cover 90 x 90cm

  • Stock code: TCA05016
  • In Stock

Black Airlaid Table Runner 40cm x 24m

  • Stock code: TRTP0002
  • Available in 3-5 days

Round Edge Wax Backed Coaster 9cm

  • Stock code: TCPP6000
  • In Stock

At Alliance Online, we have sophisticated black tablecloths and napkins to buy in bulk. These wholesale black tablecloths and napkins are perfect for restaurants or catering for large groups. They’ll add a stylish look to your dining area that’s sure to impress customers and clients.

Black is a great choice of colour for a professional dining area. Not only will it give your tables a very sleek and sophisticated appearance, but it’s also a very practical shade that will hide dirt and spills. We have plastic, cotton, linen, and paper tablecloths and napkins, so you can choose products that suit your business’s needs and budget.

You’ll find quality black napkins and tablecloths from a selection of top catering and hospitality suppliers, including Tork, Swantex, Swansoft, and Duni. So, you can be sure that any you buy will be suitable for a professional food service environment.

We have lots more tablecloths and napkins in an array of stylish colours so, if you’re not totally sure about these black styles, browse our full collection to find an alternative. We also have banquet roll and slip covers that are ideal for catering.

Spend over £30 (excluding VAT) on your order for free UK delivery. Buy black tablecloths and napkins in bulk with Alliance Online today.