Sundae Glasses



UtopiaMona Dessert Glass 8oz (23cl)

  • Stock code: GMDG0012
  • Available in 3-5 days

UtopiaDiner Sundae Glass 12oz (35cl)

  • Stock code: GDSG0001
  • In Stock

UtopiaHavana Dessert Dish 11oz (31cl )

  • Stock code: GADC0011
  • Available in 10-14 days

UtopiaVenezia Dessert Glass 40cl (14oz)

  • Stock code: GVZD0005
  • In Stock

UtopiaHavana Dessert Dish 5.5oz (16cl)

  • Stock code: GACD0001
  • In Stock

UtopiaFlared Ice Cream Glass 6oz (17cl)

  • Stock code: GSIC0010
  • In Stock

UtopiaFlared Ice Cream Glass 6.5oz (18cl)

  • Stock code: GSIC0013
  • In Stock

ArcorocSorbet Dessert Glass 7.75oz (22cl)

  • Stock code: GACS0008
  • In Stock

ArtisTulip Sundae Glass 20cl (7oz)

  • Stock code: GSTSA007
  • Available in 5-7 days

UtopiaChalice Small Dessert Glass 19.75oz (56cl)

  • Stock code: GASWG018
  • Available in 3-5 days

ArcorocSorbet Dessert Glass 13.5oz (38cl)

  • Stock code: GACS0013
  • Available in 10-14 days

UtopiaCabana Dessert Glass 10.75oz (32cl)

  • Stock code: GFD00010
  • In Stock

ArtisEmbassy Dessert Glass 23cl (8oz)

  • Stock code: GEDG0103
  • In Stock

Here at Alliance Online, we have a great selection of sundae glasses which will be perfect for serving up tasty desserts to your customers.

In this range, you'll find everything from glass dessert bowls to ice cream glasses and banana split glasses, so no matter what's on your dessert menu, you're sure to find something beautiful to present it in.

And, as we know how important it is for you to be able to rely on your catering supplies, we only stock dessert sundae glasses from reputable brands. This means you can be certain they'll be made to a high standard and be able to stand up to the general wear and tear of busy restaurants and cafés.

Love our sundae glass collection and want to see more? We have plenty of glassware for you to equip your restaurant or bar. This includes everything from essential wine glasses, to champagne flutes and shot glasses. Or, you can browse the rest of our tableware supplies to find everything from catering cutlery to crockery.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £50 (excluding VAT), so shop for wholesale sundae glasses today.