Polycarbonate Glasses & Tumblers



Patient Polycarbonate Stacking Water Tumbler 25.5cl

  • Stock code: LPWT0002
  • Available in 7-10 days

Patient Polycarbonate Hiball Tumbler 28.5cl

  • Stock code: LPWT0003
  • In Stock

Patient Polycarbonate Hiball Tumbler 28.5cl

  • Stock code: LPWT0004
  • In Stock
Harfield - Polycarbonate Fluted Tumbler

HarfieldPolycarbonate Fluted Tumbler 20cl (7oz)

  • Stock code: LPT00001
  • Available in 1-3 days

HarfieldPolycarbonate Narrow Spout Lid

  • Stock code: LPBL0002
  • In Stock

HarfieldPolycarbonate Wide Spout Lid

  • Stock code: LPBL0003
  • In Stock

Find a range of durable polycarbonate glasses at Alliance Online, where you’ll discover professional-grade equipment at wholesale prices.

These extra-tough polycarbonate tumblers can handle plenty of daily wear and tear. Unlike glass, they won’t shatter when dropped, so they’re perfect for catering in schools, care homes, canteens, or even in nightclubs or bars.

If you’re looking for more hard-wearing professional catering gear, then take a look at our plastic glasses, polycarbonate cutlery and performance wine glasses.