Steelite Teapots



SteeliteCraft White Club Teapot 42.5cl (15oz)

  • Stock code: KCFWT001
  • Available for order (Please Call)

SteeliteDapple Brown Beverage Pot 12oz (35cl)

  • Stock code: KBDP0010
  • Available in 14-21 days

SteeliteSimplicity Tea Pot 30oz (85.25cl)

  • Stock code: KSTP0030
  • Available in 3-5 days

SteeliteSimplicity Tea Pot 21oz (60cl)

  • Stock code: KSPTP021
  • In Stock

SteeliteSimplicity Tea Pot 11oz (31cl)

  • Stock code: KSTP0031
  • Available in 3-5 days

SteeliteSpyro Teapot 12oz (34cl)

  • Stock code: KSPY0012
  • Available in 3-5 days

SteeliteSpyro Small Teapot Lid 12oz (34cl )

  • Stock code: KSPYL012
  • Available in 3-5 days

SteeliteSpyro Teapot 21oz (60cl)

  • Stock code: KSPY0013
  • Available in 3-5 days

SteeliteSpyro Medium Teapot Lid 21oz

  • Stock code: KSPYL013
  • In Stock

SteeliteMonaco Vogue Teapot 12oz (34cl)

  • Stock code: KMMVTP12
  • In Stock

SteeliteMonaco Vogue Teapot 15oz (42.5cl)

  • Stock code: KMMVTP15
  • In Stock

SteeliteMonaco Vogue Teapot 30oz (85.25cl)

  • Stock code: KMMVTP30
  • In Stock

SteeliteBianco Teapot 21oz (60cl)

  • Stock code: KBTP0021
  • Available in 3-5 days

Browse the range of Steelite teapots at Alliance Online to find stylish, hard-wearing teapots for your catering business. These teapots are designed especially for professional use, meaning you can guarantee they’ll be durable and long-lasting, as well as stylish. They’re a fantastic option for cafés, teashops, coffee shops, or restaurants — anywhere that serves tea.

Steelite International is a market-leading manufacturer of award-winning tableware and serving solutions for the hospitality industry, so you can count on these teapots to be very durable and reliable, as well as stylish. We offer a selection of the brand’s most popular ranges, including Steelite Monaco, Simplicity, and Craft teapots. So, you can easily pick out a design that’s perfectly suited to your branding and budget.

To see more of the crockery that we offer, browse our full range of teapots. We also stock wholesale mugs, sugar bowls, and jugs that will add a luxurious touch to your hot beverage presentation. While you’re here, you might also want to shop our extensive range of wholesale tea and coffee supplies.

Buy Steelite International teapots in bulk today, and you’ll qualify for UK delivery over £30 (excludes VAT). Shop now with Alliance Online, the catering equipment specialist.