Stainless Steel Gastronorm 1/9 Silver

This product is ideal for displaying food in a buffet, it can be used in bars, hotels, restaurants and many other eating establishments. It can be used for cooking, storage, reheating, transporting and presentation. It is also easy to handle and clean.

Key Features:

- 1/9 (65mm Deep)
- Stainless-Steel Gastronorm
- Silver
- Durable
- Dishwasher Safe
£2.79 Each
Inc. VAT: £3.35
£3.35 Each
Ex. VAT: £2.79
  • Stock code: BGCS0019
  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 1/9 (65mm Deep)
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Colour: Silver

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Gastronorm Food Storer (1/9)
Tournus  - Gastronorm 15 Tier x 1/1 GN Trolley S/S
Cambro  - Polycarbonate Gastronorm
Stainless Steel Gastronorm  (65mm)
Length108 mm (10.8 cm)
Width176 mm (17.6 cm)
Depth65 mm (6.5 cm)
MaterialStainless Steel