Slim Jim Front Step Metal Bins

The Slim JimĀ® Step-On bins are designed with an impressive slim profile and small footprint in order to maximise space efficiency, ensuring a perfect fit in even the tightest spaces. Easy to operate and with an integrated lid dampener to minimize noise, the safety and comfort of your guests or patients is prioritised. Available in a range of styles, sizes and colors, the range is versatile and enhances environment aesthetics. The stainless steel mechanism has been tested to last 300,000 cycles meaning this range of bin will never let you down.This stainless steel range feature a front step for convenient and hygenic opening.
  • Size: 30Ltr
  • Colour: Silver
  • Stock code: HSJM0001
  • Available in 7-10 days

Product Volume Width Depth Height Material
Slim Jim Step On Front Step Metal Bin HSJM0001
Slim Jim Step On Front Step Metal Bin
30000 ml (30 litres) 326 mm (32.6 cm) 427 mm (42.7 cm) 555 mm (55.5 cm) Stainless Steel