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Scotsman Ice Machine EC126 PWD 71kg Stainless Steel

Scotsman Ice Machine EC126 PWD 71kg Stainless Steel

£1,883.00 Each

Price inc. VAT: £2,259.60

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Stock code: HIEC0126
Pack quantity: Each
Size: 680mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 930mm (H)
Stock: Available in 1-3 days
Brand: Scotsman
Colour: Stainless Steel

The EC126 undercounter self-contained ice machine is a genuine Scotsman designed, built and branded machine and part of the 6 Series "Green Solution" Easy-FIT Supercubers which are leading the way for producing more ice from less energy.

The medium 'Gourmet' supercube (20g) is the most popular type of ice cube, a perfect choice for restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Made in the famous Scotsman thimble shape. The patented 'Gourmet' ice cube is pure, hard, compact (with no holes), crystal clear and slow melting. Its fast chilling action and slow dilution make drinks taste better and greatly enhance drink appeal and quality. Gourmet ice cubes are formed by spraying water onto a subcooled horizontal evaporator. While the purest water molecules - the first to freeze - form the ice cubes, oncoming spray water washes away unfrozen water minerals that would otherwise start clouding the forming ice. They instead fall back in the water sump, and are removed with the water that is flushed out prior to starting a new freezing cycle. The Gourmet cube is therefore purer than the water that it is formed from!


Includes a leg kit which when fitted will add 120mm to height
PWD System for remote water drain (easy-fit installation)
Produces individual Gourmet crystal clear supercubes
Up to 71kg of daily ice cube production (3550 cubes)
Up to 39 kg of internal ice storage capacity
Adaptive Cycle Control senses the environment and fine tunes the machine for best performance
Water Purity System where the machine adapts the flush cycle to the local water-hardness conditions avoiding waste
Resistant stainless steel exterior and internal frame for rust free operation
Simple and reliable electromechanic controls
Front panel in and out airflow allowing undercounter built-in installation
Front access condenser air filter, which can easily be removed for quick cleaning ensuring optimum operation
Easily accessible front panel mounted illuminated ON-OFF Switch
Routine Maintenance Alarm a visible "Clean Me" light on the front panel informs you exactly when to carry out the task
Ergonomically designed ice storage access, with disappearing door.
Ice scoop-holder positioned inside the storage bin for greater hygiene
Door-closing movement dampening system providing a quiet door action and a longer life for the door latch mechanism
Vapor-based microbial control system pouch in ice storage area
Water system protected by patented anti-scale system
AgION antimicrobial agent embedded in moulded plastics parts
CFC-free R-134a Refrigerant


Is "Progressive Water Discharge" and is unique to Scotsman. You can now discharge the waste water from the EC Ice machine up to 1.5 meters above the base of the unit or to a drain outlet 20 meters away! This means the Ice Machine can be fitted almost anywhere with no expensive plumbing costs and will connect to a standard drain in minutes.

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