Sunnex Stainless Steel Long Handled Tea Strainer 55x140mm Silver

This tea strainer has a fine mesh gauze producing a clear infusion of tea. The resting hook on the side is perfect for resting securely on cup and mug rims. The strainer also has a drip bowl to place the strainer after use, ensuring work surfaces stay clean and are not exposed to drips and spills.

As a small sized sieve, this tea strainer can also be repurposed for sprinkling icing sugar onto your cupcakes or other baked treats. Also great for adding powdered cocoa atop your cappuccinos.
£2.02 Each
Inc. VAT: £2.42
£2.42 Each
Ex. VAT: £2.02
  • Stock code: LTFS0001
  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 55x140mm
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Sunnex
  • Colour: Silver

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