Blue Plasters for Catering



HypaPlastDetectable Plaster 7.5cm x 5cm

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HypaPlastDetectable Plaster 7.5cm x 2.5cm

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HypaPlastDetectable Plasters Assorted

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HypaPlastFingertip Plaster

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Detectable Finger Stall Assorted

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Detectable Finger Stall Medium

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SalvequickDetectable Plaster Refill

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Ensure optimal hygiene in your business with these blue plasters from Alliance Online. These plasters will allow your staff to treat minor cuts and scrapes while complying with food hygiene regulations, and so are an essential part of any catering first aid kit.

With their bold blue colouring, these detectable plasters are easy to spot among food, helping to safeguard against accidental contamination of your dishes. Many of the plasters in this range are also waterproof with strong adhesives, ensuring they stick to the skin and don't come off during hand washing or prep work.

Here at Alliance Online, we know you need high-quality plasters and bandages that meet food safety standards, at prices that help you to keep costs down. That's why we've sourced these blue plasters from respected hygiene and hospitality brands like HypaPlast and Wallace Cameron. And, they're all available to buy at low wholesale prices, so you can buy in bulk and save money. 

At Alliance Online, we have all the commercial first aid supplies you need to treat minor injuries in the workplace, while also ensuring that proper food hygiene is maintained. So, be sure to stock up on dressings and tape, eye care, burn care, and signs and accident books, all at low wholesale prices. We also have lots more plasters that might be of interest to you.

Order today to receive free UK delivery over £50 spend (excluding VAT). Buy blue plasters for catering now and save.