Hand Sanitiser for First Aid Kits



ChemEco 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 500ml

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Hand Guard Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitiser 500ml

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ChemEco 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 500ml

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SurSol Hand Sanitiser

SurSol Hand Sanitiser 100ml

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SurSol Hand Sanitiser 50ml

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Luxury Hand Freshen up Wipe 11% Alcohol

GFL Sanitising Gel (70% Alcohol) 380ml

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SurSol Hand Sanitiser 250ml

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By hand sanitiser for first aid kits at Alliance Online. In this range you'll find bottles of antibacterial sanitiser that make a handy addition to any first aid kit. They will allow your staff to quickly and easily sanitise their hands before carrying out medical treatment, to help ensure everyone stays safe and hygienic. 

These products are ideal for all kinds of commercial businesses, including catering settings. We offer a wide range of different sizes, and you'll find mini bottles of sanitiser that are just right for smaller settings, as well as large bulk containers that work well if you operate a large business. Additionally, there are lots of different dispensers to choose from, including sprays, pump bottles, and wipes, so you can pick the best kind to suit your needs.

Every business should always have a well-stocked first aid kit on hand. Here at Alliance Online, we have an extensive range of wholesale first aid supplies, including plasters, eye care, wound dressings, and more. While you're here, you might also want to stock up on more of the hand sanitisers and gels we have to offer.

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