Paper Straws



Kraft Paper Straw 20cm (6mm Bore)

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Paper Striped Straws 20cm (6mm bore)

  • Stock code: PSPM0050
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Orange Stripe Paper Straw

Orange Stripe Paper Straw 20cm (6mm bore)

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Gold Paper Straw 20cm (8") (6mm bore)

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Silver Paper Straw 20cm (8") (6mm bore)

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Stock up on wholesale paper straws for your bar, restaurant, or catering business with Alliance Online. Constructed using renewable and biodegradable paper, these straws offer an eco-friendly way to serve your customers' drinks. So, they're a fantastic choice if you're looking to reduce the impact your business has on the environment and appeal to today's eco-conscious consumers.

Your customers will expect any strawsyou provide to be strong and long-lasting, so they can savour their drinks right down to the last drop. We've sourced the paper straws you see here from the best names in the catering supply industry, like Utopia, which means you can depend on them to maintain their integrity and generally be a pleasure for your customers to use.

We stock an assortment of paper straws in all sorts of colours and designs. So, whether you're looking for some brightly coloured striped straws for your younger guests, or some metallic or dark coloured straws that will look sophisticated in cocktails, we're sure to have just the thing.

Our wholesale paper straws can be bought in great-value multipacks, allowing you to stock up and save. If you're impressed by what you see here, you'll also want to shop our full collection of straws, which includes eco-friendly straws, plastic straws, compostable straws, and stainless steel straws. If saving the planet is a priority for your business, be sure to shop our eco disposables.

We offer free UK delivery on orders over £30 (excluding VAT), so bulk buy paper straws with Alliance Online today.