Ash Bins



GroundskeeperFloor Standing Ashtray

  • Stock code: JGFAB001
  • Available in 7-10 days

GroundskeeperTuscan Floor Standing Ashtray

  • Stock code: JGTAB001
  • Available in 7-10 days

Security Kit for Tuscan Receptacle

  • Stock code: JGTSK001
  • Available in 7-10 days

Floor Standing Ash/Litter Bin 30Ltr (H650 x 250mm)

  • Stock code: JFST2030
  • Available in 10-14 days

Wall Mounted Ashtray with Liner 1.5Ltr (H255 x W152 x D64mm )

  • Stock code: JWMAG002
  • Available in 14-21 days

Self Closing Ash/Cigarette Bin

  • Stock code: HCEB0001
  • Available in 14-21 days
A range of floor standing and wall mounted ash bins and trays to suit every requirement and budget.