Clarity Polycarbonate Wine Goblet 34cl LCE @ 250ml Clear

Dishwasher safe and reusable they are very rigid and will withstand up to up to 300 uses without showing signs of wear and tear. Polycarbonate product can be sterilised & will withstand temperatures up to 145°C. PC is resistant to oil, dilute acids, alcohol and it is flame retardant.

Key Features:

- 12oz (34cl)
- Clarity Wine Goblet
- Polycarbonate
- Clear
- Reusable
- Durable
- Dishwasher Safe
£38.44 for 12
Inc. VAT: £46.13
£46.13 for 12
Ex. VAT: £38.44
  • Stock code: DGEW0250
  • Quantity: 1 x 12
  • Size: 34cl LCE @ 250ml (12oz)
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  • Colour: Clear
195mm Height
Marked At250ml
Volume250 ml
Volume (fl oz)12 fl oz