Vegware Ice Cream Containers


Stock up on ice cream essentials for this Summer with the Vegware Ice cream containers and paper spoons. Take an eco-friendly stand whilst remaining uncompromising on standards, the Vegware containers are designed for the commercial establishment and constructed using Vegware?s award-winning quality.

VegwarePLA Lined Ice Cream Tub 120ml - 4oz

  • Stock code: DAC00135
  • Available for order (Extended Delivery)

VegwarePLA Lined Ice Cream Tub 180ml - 6oz

  • Stock code: DAC00136
  • Available for order (Extended Delivery)

VegwareTutti Frutti Paper Ice Cream Spoons 3.5" - 9cm

  • Stock code: DAC00075
  • Available for order (Extended Delivery)

VegwarePaper Ice Cream Spoon 9cm - 3.5"

  • Stock code: DCPF0006
  • Available in 5-7 days

Our Range of Vegware Ice cream containers

Embrace the future of food containers with this exceptional design, thoughtfully designed to be both visually striking and environmentally friendly. Meticulously crafted from sustainably sourced board and lined with plant-based PLA, the Vegware ice cream container range radiates an enchanting iridescent finish that is bound to impress. Rest easy knowing that Vegware's commitment to sustainability ensures that these award-winning containers are derived from plants and can be commercially composted in approved locations. Make a conscious choice and opt for the sustainable solution.

Why Choose Alliance Online?

As a business we have been operating as food packaging wholesalers for over 25 years and we appreciate that companies need modern, environmental and up to date solutions. We have been supplying bulk innovative food containers since our inception and have accrued indispensable knowledge. As a result, we endeavour to ensure all our products are designed and formulated for commercial purposes whilst also offering free UK mainland delivery when you spend over £30 (excluding VAT). So, buy Vegware ice cream containers in bulk at Alliance Online today.


Are Vegware an Environmentally Friendly Supplier?

As we have seen over the last few years operating in a more sustainable manner is the way forward for any modern commercial establishment which is why we at Alliance Online would highly recommend Vegware in all aspects. A company that is B Corp Certified which means that they are leading the way in responsible business practices and emphasising a commitment to corporate social responsibility.